Closing The Inequality Gap

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Attainment/Emotional Intelligence/Accreditation & Evaluation/Family Support

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Aspire Prep

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Special Packages

A unique school for aspirational parents and their talented children. We designed Aspire Prep to meet the needs of those parents who know what they want for their children, cannot get it from the state and cannot afford the full cost demanded by top private education. Aspire Prep creates similar opportunities to that offered by the private sector at a fraction of the cost.


Mastering Your Brief

As our inner cities become more violent and our young become more vulnerable to the distractions of the city and social media, it has become even more important to control their social networks and manage the spaces they frequent, especially during the holiday period. Summer School keeps them safe, focused on success and encourages them to form relationships with similarly ambitious young people with similarly committed parents

Specialist Services

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Adding Value To Our Core Offer

Teacher training –Emotional intelligence and classroom approaches to help teachers raise attainment of all children and close the inequality gap
Briefing days – to highlight best practice for academies, schools and local authorities seeking to improve attainment of vulnerable groups, e.g. Children in care, children from overseas


Global Educational Development

Specialist Services

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